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To all of Monti Rock’s friends:
Monti’s true friend and companion for over 42 years left this planet for the spiritual world of eternity. He will be waiting faithfully for his partner to join him when the time is right. Bruce Mosham was more than just a partner. Bruce was, as Monti says, “The power behind the legend.” Bruce was a wonderful man. He was Monti’s manager, bodyguard, typist, and much more. This was true love that is so very rare these days. I was in love with both of them.

As you know, Monti is a legend in his own time. It spread over the 42 years he spent with Bruce. He was on the Johnny Carson show over 85 times. He performed at Ceaser’s Palace and many other places in his career. He performed at the Beverly Hilton Hotel with Josephine Baker, where he had the audience in total awe of his performance. He starred with John Travolta in the classic “Saturday Night Fever,” as the judging disc jockey.

Monti is in deep mourning for his partner, Bruce. He is planning a “celebration” of Moshman’s life. The date and time will be announced soon. If any of his true friends read this, and want to help him create a special event. Please let him know at


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Exciting News!
Monti will soon be seen in a beautiful documentary!



The Monti Rock Memorial Service with eulogies, mourners and invited guests, will have Mr. Rock performing a 45-minute retrospective of his life. It is Noel Coward meeting Lady GaGa! It will be traveling to New York in August, then afterwards, Miami and Los Angeles will follow.

A 75 year old performer - with 50 years in the entertainment industry, will present an anecdotal, with film clips and music. The pinnacle of the piece is the unexplainable, extraordinary, existence of one of the world's greatest characters!

In this piece, Mr. Rock will relate tales of his life - from the New York City streets as a young prostitute to the Who's Who of hairdressing - to conquering Paris, Milan and London - a young man (still in his twenties), who then gave it up at his acme, and became a world-renowned singer and iconic legend.

These performances will be filmed as collaboration with Mike Michaels and Justin Pavlov, and with Mr. Rock as artistic director. All footage will include excerpts from his movies, TV performances, live-filmed concerts, and photographs made throughout the years.

Mr. Rock is searching for the right team in New York, Miami, and LA - to work on this project and get it to fruition. All those who are interested and have the right venue, please, contact Monti Rock III at

Thank you very much!
See you at the Memorial Service!
Rest in peace...LOL!

Monti Rock III


Monti's Announcement
September 3, 2011

To all my unconditional followers, friends and supporters of Monti Rock III:

It has been a year of highs and lows - but so has the world! I am very grateful for Jerry Rispoli and Ken Baker for their development of their show - "SENIORS" - where I portray a gay hit man - this is great casting for I was once upon a time (many years ago) a gun moll!

Ken Baker is the developer of the Monti Rock Slot Machine. Ken is the guru of slot machines! If that's not enough, Platinum Rock - my record producer - has slated the release of my dance record - everybody get ready _ for I am Lady Gaga's godmother!!!!!

To all my dear friends and extended families we are finishing Rock Palace - this is an innovative disco, nightclub, cabaret - for all ages and genders/genres. Also, we are announcing my PR/Advertising and Marketing Corporation - we charge you less, but we give you more! If anyone is great at marketing - it is the one and only Monti Rock III - he has been doing this for seven decades!!!!

Also, in the immediate works is Anthony Curtis, my publisher, and Huntington Press, who are forging forward with the book of "The Fabulous Life of Monti Rock III."

Plus - Michael Piehl's docudrama of my life is currently in the final stages of editing and will soon be ready for major distribution.

That - and the Monti Minute Radio Show - the web site - my blog - Gaming Today, What's On and many other publications that are just too-too numerous to mention - have all been faithful in my quest to be the true Emperor of Las Vegas!

One to one interviews are currently being scheduled for Monti Rock III - his story - his life - his plans - his future! Please contact him for all inquiries at:

Again - I want to thank you all for always being here and in my life.

Your Emperor - Monti Rock III


Read Monti's latest review in The Las Vegas Weekly Magazine by Rick Lax.

I DO!!



This is from a recent post on the

Does the name Monti Rock III ring a bell for any of you? How about Disco Tex? Monti Rock III was one of the first quasi-openly gay men that I ever saw on TV. He was a frequent talkshow guest, first on Merv Griffin’s show starting in the mid-60s and then he was on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show A LOT in the 70s and 80s. (He was probably on the tonight show as often as Steve Martin was during that era). I was really too young to have consciously realized what Monti’s flamboyant persona meant, but I think with a character like Rock (not to mention Paul Lynde, or Kenneth Williams in the British “Carry On”), you just kind of got it by osmosis. Or via the eyeliner and glitter. (Or your dad’s grumbling every time Monti appeared on his TV set, perhaps!) I must admit that the name Monti Rock III has not crossed my mind often in the past, I don’t know, maybe… three decades, but I was happy to read this fun article from Paisley Dalton at Zeitgeistworld (via World of Wonder) indicating that Monti Rock is indeed alive and well and living in Las Vegas.

NYC in the 70s would have been just another cesspit had it not been for the sparkle provided by the head queen himself Monti Rock III. Having scored two top 40 hits Get Dancin’ and I Wanna Dance Wit’ Choo, produced by Bob Crewe (The Four Seasons, Frankie Valli, early Michael Jackson and Roberta Flack), under the group name Disco Tex and His Sex-O-Lettes, Monti provided the soundtrack for many gay men who were celebrating newly found sexual freedom on the enfranchised dance floors in New York’s underground disco scene. After fame and notoriety hit from over 80 appearances on talk shows like Johnny Carson and Merv Griffin and a feature spot in mega movie Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta, Rock exited stage left with an addiction to booze, a severed relationship from Bob Crewe and a self-imposed moratorium on anything having to do with the glitz, glamour and gayness that made him beloved and in his words ‘a joke’. Now at 72, Monti is talking again…about life as a hustler, endowment (not talkin about money here!), the effete glitter years and… a new life as an ordained minister? Zeitgeistworld: Hey Monti! What’s up with you? Monti Rock III: First of all, I thank you for searching me out. I guess most people think I’m dead. Right? Zeitgeist: To be honest, I don’t think most people under 40 have any idea about you and your contributions. I was a bit surprised that your still doin’ it in Las Vegas. Monti Rock III: I’m working on a movie. The focus of the film is ‘hope and never giving up’. I see it as a guy, the first openly gay man in the 5os and 60s that got on television. The story should start with that. How being openly gay was very romantic in that era. What it was like to be a trailblazer. Everyone knew I was gay. I was very over the top, darling! If you donned long hair and beads and wore pancake make up in 1961, if that wasn’t openly gay, what was it? The ‘queens’ didn’t do that back then.




MONTI ROCK III AKA DISCO TEX AND THE SEX-O-LETTES is iconic, legendary, unpredictable, an enigma, undefinable, and a legend in his own mind. The media is having a field day rediscovering Monti - See the Vanity Fair issues for December 2009 and February 2010. Vanity Fair refers to Mr. Rock as one of the architecs of the 1960s; a little known fact is that Monti was THE hairstylist, and was the ceator of the blunt cut and asymetrical style, that has remained in vogue for all of these years. His hair styles appeared on the greatest models and magazine covers of the 1960s.

His television appearances from that era was topped by his multitude of appearances on the Johnny Carson Show (a total of 84 times!!!!) and you would never forget his appearance in the cult classic film, "Saturday Night Fever."

What we would like the world to know is that Monti Rock III has now become one of the most respected columnists in the nation. He is still an entertainer who performs at concerts as Disco Tex - everywhere from Atlantic City, New York City to the west coast since the baby boomer disco generation is now clamoring to see him again and return to their youth.

Now – the newest Monti Rock III – the very Reverend Monti Rock III – officiates at wedding nuptials. He is currently building his own chapel, aptly named “The Chapel of Lust.” His blog, as well as being on his site ( is on and go to: Monti-licious. For more info go to

He has developed his new advertising company – and he is in the process of creating his television show will be shown on the Internet. He has built quite a following on You Tube. Producers have been banging down his door for his services. Mr. Rock is very protective of his own brand, which is his life.

If you see Monti around town – well, how can you ever miss him????– with his leopard wrapped car and his leopard and wildlife couturier ensembles which create a sensation that cannot be put into words – it is an entire visual impact. He is a true supporter of the World Wildlife Fund (only wears fine, false furs – protecting those magnificent creatures – remember that all who support PETA).

Now, Mr. Rock is involved in a new recording studio venture, this is one for the ages!!! Produced by Platinum Rock, his brother, who has recorded Monti for the past 20 years, he is now focusing on Latin dance rap. This time he is not using a pseudonym – he will be billed as Sir Monti Rock III from the Bronx, NY –so, welcome home, Joseph Moses Montanez, Jr. – have you missed me??? This time you cannot!

To all of his fans, supporters and the media, he thanks you from the bottom of his heart for your kindness.



Disco Tex and the Sexolettes (Sold 7,000,000 copies)

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